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Frequent Questions


What is a Smart Meter?

A smart meter is an electronic device that records consumption of electric energy and communicates the information to both the electricity supplier and consumer for monitoring and billing. Smart Meters are among the crucial parts of Smart Grids. 


What Benefits do we provide to the Distribution Companies?

  • Remote and efficient meter reading
  • Remote activation / deactivation / maintenance
  • Improved detection of network losses and theft
  • Fewer bill complaints leading to fewer bad debt

What Benefits do we provide to the customer?

  • More accurate meter reading, billing
  • Energy savings
  • Ability to better manage consumption
  • Ability to integrate with smart home devices
  • and lots more… 

Why do Electricity Companies adopt Smart Grids?

Electricity companies adopt smart grid technology so they can attain several goals: 

  1. to better manage peak energy load;
  2. to better incorporate the intermittent power supply from some renewable energy sources;
  3. to permit greater consumer control over household energy usage.